A proposal integrate private fields and destructuring.

class Foo {
  #x = 1;

  constructor() {
    console.log(this.#x); // => 1
    const { #x: x } = this;
    console.log(x); // => 1

  equals({ #x: otherX }) {
    const { #x: currentX } = this;
    return currentX === otherX;



Current Stage: 2


Destructuring is a popular feature to store local references to an object's properties. Private Field's proposal targeted the minimum features needed to support the goal of private properties in class instances. Unfortunately, this left destructuring out.

This proposal avoids questions of reification of Private Fields by limiting this to syntax only. It also doesn't need to worry about "shorthand" syntax (#x in an expression being shorthand for this.#x), because the Committee has decided we will not persue shorthand syntax after the Ergonomic Brand Checks Proposal.