Intl Segmenter v2 Proposal

Intl.Segmenter v2: Unicode segmentation in JavaScript

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Stage 0

Stage Advancement Slide

  • Slides for TG2 Stage 1 concensus TBW (Plan to discuss in ECMA402 TG2 2021 Nov 4 meeting)
  • Slides for Stage 1 Advancement TBW (Plan propose to Stage 1 in TC39 2021 Dec 15 meeting)


  • Champion: Frank Yung-Fong Tang
  • Stage 3 Reviewers (To be requested/signed up while advancing to Stage 2):
    • TBD


This proposal aim to improve the Intl.Segmenter API with:

  • A way to segment the text with a batch call to minimize the number of calls between user calls and internal implementation.
  • Add line break granularity to support high end ECMAScript based text layout applications which already have a way to measure the text width but need a way to access logical line break points.

Use Cases

Batch Mode


Line Break Granularity

  • (From @gibson042 ) Formatting in a monospace context, such as a CLI or GitHub source diff.
  • For non-HTML context while font metrics is available
  • <text> in SVG and
  • To avoid the misue of word break in the place for line break. (Canvas drawstring and SVG usecase)
  • Being persistently requested by users even after the shipment of Intl.Segmenter



TODO before Stage 1

Entrance Criteria to Stage 1

  • Identified “champion” who will advance the addition DONE => Frank Yung-fong Tang
  • Prose outlining the problem or need and the general shape of a solution
  • Illustrative examples of usage
  • High-level API
  • Discussion of key algorithms, abstractions and semantics
  • Identification of potential “cross-cutting” concerns and implementation challenges/complexity
  • A publicly available repository for the proposal that captures the above requirements

Acceptance Signifies for Stage 1

The committee expects to devote time to examining the problem space, solutions and cross-cutting concerns

Purpose During Stage 1

  • Make the case for the addition
  • Describe the shape of a solution
  • Identify potential challenges

TODO before Stage 2

Entrance Criteria to Stage 2


Acceptance Signifies for Stage 2


Purpose During Stage 2


Analysis of TG2 Requirements

Prior Art (for Stage 2)


Expensive to Implement in Userland (for Stage 2)


Broad Appeal (for Stage 2)


TODO before Stage 3

Entrance Criteria to Stage 3


Acceptance Signifies for Stage 3


Purpose During Stage 3


Analysis of TG2 Requirements

Payload Mitigation (for Stage 3)


TODO of the repo

  1. Avoid merge conflicts with build process output files by running:
    git config --local --add merge.output.driver true
    git config --local --add merge.output.driver true
  2. Add a post-rewrite git hook to auto-rebuild the output on every commit:
    cp hooks/post-rewrite .git/hooks/post-rewrite
    chmod +x .git/hooks/post-rewrite
  3. changes to spec.emu (ecmarkup uses HTML syntax, but is not HTML, so I strongly suggest not naming it ".html")
  4. Any commit that makes meaningful changes to the spec, should run npm run build and commit the resulting output.
  5. Whenever you update ecmarkup, run npm run build and commit any changes that come from that dependency.